LeanWorking is a boutique consultancy specialising in Lean & Agile product development practices for teams of knowledge workers.  We compliment these practices with a strong use of collaboration and personal/team productivity techniques.

We at LeanWorking believe that Lean & Agile Thinking forms only part of the solution to getting your teams to focus on generating value and reducing waste.  Complimenting Lean & Agile practices in an applied manner with collaboration and team/personal productivity techniques makes for a powerful and compelling approach to achieving greater focus and ROI.

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If you have spoken to one of our consultants, read one of our articles or are just simply curious and would like to know more, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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LeanWorking Deeply Believes in Non-Zero-Sum Games

If you have an organisational, departmental or team collaboration opportunity for improvement, we would like to help you find a mix of Values, Principals and Practices from the Lean, Agile, Personal Productivity, Team Productivity and Enterprise 2.0, that brings about lasting cultural and behavioural change, and one that focuses on better ROI for your Product Development efforts.
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