Company Profile

LeanWorking is a company that specialises in leading change and transformation within organisations using techniques drawn from the Agile, Lean, Collaboration and Productivity disciplines.


Our approach is to offer short-to-midterm transformation services, whilst simultaneously training up your own people to take your company forward.


LeanWorking specialises in a mix of product development methodologies, knowledge worker practices and personal productivity.  Applied together, these techniques help to create truly focused teams, through qualifying and targeting high value work, shorter cycle times, higher throughput and continuously reducing waste.


Company History

LeanWorking was started by Paul Eastabrook in 2009 after ten years working in the City of London for some of the world's most powerful financial institutions.


In his professional career up until starting LeanWorking, Paul had consistently been building and transforming internationally distributed teams.  As an established practitioner of eXtreme Programming, Scrum (CSM) & Lean (including Kanban), quite often he was of the opinion that there was more to great teams than their understanding of these things, indeed, even if they were mature in their adoption.  Often it was the collaboration efforts, the team attitude to creating positive outcomes for all parties and the teams/individuals abilities to handle knowledge work outside of the work covered off by the processes which was what differentiated them.


Why Choose Us

There a various kinds of client engagements our consultants have worked on in the past.  You may choose us because you want to: build a new international team, establish an offshoring partnership, wish to adopt Lean and/or Agile approaches, want to better existing approaches or simply have information overload and want to assist your staff in exploring techniques that work for them. 

You maybe an individual who wants to adopt personal productivity techniques to better your quality of life.  We coach people in the use of a number of complementary techniques tailored specifically for the problem at hand.

In all of the above cases, we have a service offering to suit your needs.

The Best of Professionals


We make use of an extensive network of professionals specialising in various aspects of our offering. 

Given the requirement to better product development process and/or team collaboraton and productivity, we identify the right consultant for the task at hand.

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