Lean Product Development

For teams that are new or established at Lean & Agile and want to explore how they may become better.

LeanWorking will work with your existing or establish a new continuous improvement process that is focused on bettering the throughput of product that generates real value to either increase profits,  decrease cost or reduce  risk.  We believe teams should be able to articulate their ROI effectively as well as how they have contributed to the companies success in real terms.


We can also work with clients to implement adoption strategy, distributed working practices, team formation and establish desirable cultural and behavioural patterns.


What makes LeanWorking different is our belief in treating collaboration and personal productivity as a first class citizen for continuous improvement.  We can work with a client's teams to show them techniques for removing distractions in their normal day to reduce the effects of information overload and the waste it generates.


Lean Knowledge Worker

For teams or individuals that wish to be more effective at work in general.

Effective knowledge working can be difficult to the extent our heads are often in a spin.  Personal Productivity is key to success in today's modern workplaces.  Knowing what stuff is yet to be processed, how to identify actions and ongoing projects, when to DO work, how to visualise the work, how to measure it's impact are all critical to being as effective as you can be.


For teams, being effective knowledge workers together can open up all kinds of benefits above and beyond the reduction of waste and more time on task.  Freeing peoples minds to be clear from continuous context switching and noise can lead to greater creativity too, as people focus and get in the zone more often.

Lean Life

For the individual that wishes to explore techniques that allow themselves to get a handle on a hectic modern day life out side of work.

Our personal lives are getting more and more noisy.  Much like with work, in order for us to flow through life without all the distractions slowing us down, there is a mix of values, principals and practices that can assist in clearing our heads to be more in the moment and better able to focus on that which is truly important at any time.


We believe that being effective in Work impacts how we feel in life and enjoying our lives impacts us as professionals.